Open Letter to Fox News

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  1. Chris Says:

    Very nicely put. I too was disgusted by what happend during and after the debate but couldn’t find the words for it. You got it 100% Voter manipulation.

  2. Karla Says:

    Well, Now my sister whom was an avid Fox viewer saw them for their rotten fruit as I had been trying to tell her. She had to experience it for herself in order to see and feel the blatant bias coming from Hannity and Fox. My sister also was furious and I only hope Hannity gets his old paint brushes out because he may need to get ready to go back to being a house painter. That was his previous job before Fox news. I heard that He didn’t even paint houses very well either though.

  3. Misplaced Patriot Says:

    Hey, here’s a hint. Don’t watch Fox. What makes you think Fox will ever be more than a tool of the Republican Party power elites? No amount of chiding on your part will change that, because Fox News is not engineered to serve its viewers, it is engineered to serve its masters.

    In any event, call-in polls and internet polls are rotten excuses for opinion surveys. If Fox or CNN or MSNBC want to be serious, they would avoid using them in the future, not use them and then rail against the results. But seriousness isn’t their desire – they want to turn the debates into American Idol, and then whine when they don’t get the results they want.

  4. Brett McLaughlin Says:

    I second Chris’s comment: Very well written.

    Have we really fallen so far from our political ideals that so-called journalists will so blatantly disrespect someone running for the office of president? Such behavior is digraceful and completely un-American.

    I’m glad that this letter was written. We, as a people, need to acknowledge that this behavior is unacceptable.

  5. Jason Says:

    Sean Hannity, like the rest of the right wingers are falling further right. He is turning into another Billy’O. To give background on my comments, I was listening to Sean Hannity on the radio for years, watched Hannity and Combs also for many a day. I have been away from both for about a year and a half and I cannot believe how much Sean has changed. I am shocked frankly.

    The broadcast that was put on the other night was the nail in the coffin and the end of my last attachment of any sort of moral familiarity I can have with the so-called “conservatives”. The majority and those in the MSM are no longer what the label describes.

    I have always been a centrist. Non-party affiliated (that includes independent). I can’t be too liberal because it is against my moral fiber with the conformity in that gang, and now the same is the case with the conservative side.

    I like Ron Paul because he doesn’t play the game that causes politics to be a big giant pinball machine and I being the pinball. He sees issues that others refuse to admit or can see (which is why I feel being far left or far right is actually a pathological mental illness) and wants to try to apply what he feels is the best solution. Whether I agree with all of his solutions to very well needed to be addressed issues or not, at least it is DIFFERENT. This is what the MSM and the “politicalites” are afraid of. They see something different, and rightly so, a cut in their bottom lines. They are used to playing the two sided game and know that any deviation of that will cost them a lot of advertising dollars (MSM), campaign contributions (bribed politicians), etc.

    The key to this election is to elect someone different. Enough that it really takes away the power of the current politicians in office and the MSM. That is why both Fox News, and even CNN would do something like this. They can’t stand non-conformists.

  6. Jim Says:

    Ron Paul pwnd Hannity. Just cut through his BS. If people watching Fox at the time, or watching it now on YouTube, were critical thinkers rather than party-liners and Hannity lapdogs, Paul would only be helped by his intelligent and informed responses.

    Anyone else find it ironic that Hannity attacked Ron Paul based on what departments he would eliminate? Just goes to show that Paul was right–most Republicans have forgotten what it was like to be conservatives.

  7. Oscar Says:

    You people are really getting tired. I watched the debate, and the bottom line is that there was more of a debate this time than in all of the the previous “debates” on both the republican and democratic sides. It was a great debate. There were few silly questions, and everyone got to make their point. Ron Paul had ample chance to make his views heard, and he got some good applause as well as some negative reaction.

    You people are just looking for any little thing to complain about. You probably aren’t even republicans or conservatives. You’re probably liberals who, like you always do, are looking to tell other people what they should be thinking and feeling and how they should vote. Give it a rest. All of the candidates got a chance to speak during and after the debate.

    So you don’t like Sean Hannity, who cares, don’t watch his show, and when he comes on, turn the channel. Fox has the highest viewership of all of the cable news networks, probably more than the other two combined. That should tell you something.

  8. Eric Says:

    Hannity & Colmes is not journalism, it’s opinion. Learn the difference.

  9. adam1mc Says:

    Dr Paul received 3 questions in 90 minutes? How is that ample time to make his views heard. Hannity argued with a Presidential hopeful on stage. Do you really consider that fair or unbalanced?

    The reason Fox has the highest viewership is due to puppets such as yourself who actually believe the tainted stories that come from this network. The problem with most people is that they choose not to educate themselves on the facts.

    The facts about Giuliani? He’s a cross dresser, a dead-bead dad, he held a press conference to leave his wife and mother of his kids and the New York firefighters union strongly opposes him. What more could you need?

    Romney? Polygamist family. A proven filp flopper on the issues depending on which special interests he represents. Do the research yourself.

    Fred Thompson? Are you kidding me? First an attorney. The he got bored so he went into acting. Got bored with that and went to politics. Got bored with that after a few years and back to acting. Now, oh what the heck, might as well drop acting again for a run at the Presidency. What makes you think he won’t get bored in 4 years and just quit?

    Ron Paul is the only candidate that sticks to his morals.

    If you can’t see that, then you Oscar are just a political puppet for corporate America and Main-stream media.

  10. Aaron Says:

    Once again the corporate dictates the media. The one good thing i will say about Fox News is… all the networks are company controlled and in no way unbiased but at least Fox is so ridiculous it’s the easiest to disregard completely.

  11. Godwhacker Says:

    Excellent. But Fox isn’t news. It is the propaganda arm of the neo-conservative movement. Don’t expect anything but slime from them.

  12. Chloe Says:

    You ask “Why does Fox News feel as though they can dictate the next American president to the American people?” Watch “The Money Masters” on Google Video and all will be revealed.

  13. barry Says:

    I think the problem here is that Fox ‘News’ is being mistaken for journalism. Fox News is journalism like professional wrestling is a sport.

    Hannity and Colmes are not journalists in any sense of the word. They are employees of Fox, and their views are exactly what Fox tells them their views are.

  14. Scott Plummer Says:

    So it would have been impossible for Ron Paul supporters to vote multiple times? I must be forgetting some law that says you can only have one cell phone. Before you bash me for being a neo-con I am a registered independent and consider myself to be more libertarian than anything else. All new organizations are biased not just Fox.

  15. Tim Says:

    Hey Oscar, I am a Republican and I watched the debates. Everytime Mr. Paul was asked a question there was a very distinct laughter from each question. I thought it was from another announcer but apparently it was Mr. G. That’s blatent disrespect even if you don’t like the mans views. They were laughing at the questions asked before the question was answered. If you believe that there is not something wrong with respecting another American than I question your ethics.

    Yes, he has gotten more attention lately but that’s because there are a lot of people who think that he has got what it takes to be the next president and will make the best choices.

    It’s sad, but it’s apparent that people will go to great lengths to make someone lookbad to make theirselves look good. I just didn’t realize how bad the GOP was in doing so until lately.

  16. Jason Says:

    adam1mc, correction on the Romney point. Not a polygamist family. If so, going by your logic, if you happened to be related to Abraham (which most of us are) than so too are you from a polygamist family. The trick to doing your research is doing it enough and considering ALL of the facts or ideas. Not showing prejudice by putting in a non-argument like that.

    This flip flopping thing is also attributed to someone who allows himself to learn and change his mind based one what he learns. Not from any sort of special interest. Ron Paul is *gasp!* not above that either. As he should be.

    This stigma that a candidate must not change policy at any time in their lives or change their minds because new information presented itself is silly at best and is a detriment to the whole picture of America. I wouldn’t be voting for Ron Paul, even given all the other things he says he will be doing in office, if I knew he refused to learn and make changes where changes needed to be which seemingly many sound like they are afraid of with the secondary argument against Mitt Romney of him being a so-called flip flopper makes Mitt Romney some form of liar or bad candidate.

    Luckily you fell into supporting the right candidate at least. While Ron Paul is probably the best choice, I feel that your support is more driven from the mob mentality rather than actually hard research from more than just whats posted on digg/reddit, etc. I am not casting aspersions exactly, rather, keep seeking to find out why you should support Ron Paul, and don’t fall for the MSM’s way of arguing against other candidates by being just as prejudicial to them as they are to Dr. Paul.

  17. Cfdude Says:

    Great letter but asking Fox to do anything about themselves is like telling a 5 year old to mind a candy store while you leave.

    As American people you have to hit people in the wallet if you want to hurt them or expect change. Start publishing the sponsors of the shows and contact information on where you can send in your complaints and remind the sponsor that you won’t be buying or recommending their product for endorsing such propaganda.

    Even then, it’s an uphill battle to get change..

  18. howtostart Says:

    Excellent letter, thanks for writing it. The people that are commenting saying “well what do you expect when you watch Fox News?” are entirely missing the point. It’s the top rated cable news channel in the country. You and I both know it’s garbage, but it’s still what America watches.

    Keep on writing things like this, exposing their trickery. It’s a valuable service and I’m glad someone’s doing it.

  19. Andrew Says:

    I would probably fall into the category of “far right.” I’m a Christian, Republican, and from the state of Georgia. I used to always watch CNN and kept it has my homepage, but got fed up with what I saw as their bias against the Republican party so I switched to FOXNews. I knew they would sway things, but at least it was in my direction so I didn’t mind as much. However, the way they have handled this presidential election with a completely blatant pushing of their own agenda has been a complete eye opener for me. It’s insulting how they treat candidates they dislike and then spoon feed their babies. Their logo might as well be Guliani’s head with a halo around it. This morning when I turned on the tv to watch the news while I ate breakfast I flipped past every channel. I don’t feel like I can trust any of them!

    Please don’t hate me for my past political mistakes (voting George Bush). I’ve decided to support Ron Paul and give up FOXNews until they remember to do their job – unbiased news reporting. I wanted to be in denial about them for a while but I simply can’t let anymore of their crap go on. This is one less viewer for them.

  20. lol Says:

    I like how only now do some of your right-wingers start to realize that Fox News is a biased source of entertainment, not news. Welcome to a few years ago

  21. independent Says:

    You are the pot calling the kettle black.

    You and other internet savvy Ron Paul promoters continually manipulate the media to best position sound bites for maximum impact. So what are you complaining about? You are doing the exact same thing!

    Ron Paul is a fringe candidate. I suspect even he does not take his candidacy seriously. If what he has to say resonates with voters, he will get their support.

  22. DetainThis Says:

    Good letter, Adam1mc. 2½ kudos.

    The Mainstream Mafia underestimates the American People and the messge of liberty; which is why we saw the Goebbelian goons going into such obvious desperation mode when their tactics predictably backfired.

    Ron Paul = The Anti-FOX

  23. marlow Says:

    independent – you must be a Hannity wannabe.

  24. Pamela Says:

    Shrub’s cousin at Fox DID sway the Presidential election away from Gore the first time it was stolen during the last two. That’s why they’re trying again. Hello! Why does anyone even pay attention to Fox and Murdoch? Ignore them and hopefully they’ll go away. The sooner the better.

  25. Brent Says:

    Slight type-o:

    “Finally, when the moderator would get around to asking Dr. Paul a question it was a unique one-sided question engineered to make Dr. Paul foolish.”

    Should probably be “…engineered to make Dr. Paul *look* foolish.”

  26. Brad P. Severance Says:

    In regard to Scott Plummer’s comment:

    “So it would have been impossible for Ron Paul supporters to vote multiple times? I must be forgetting some law that says you can only have one cell phone.”

    It’s true that if a person had multiple phones, that person could vote multiple times. However, statistically speaking, it is most probable that “multiple phone owners” would be distributed equally among all the candidates.

    So, no candidate would have an advantage as a result of this.

    To independent’s comments:

    “Ron Paul is a fringe candidate. I suspect even he does not take his candidacy seriously. If what he has to say resonates with voters, he will get their support.”

    Three-fourths of the people in this country want a military withdrawal from Iraq, a position that Ron Paul alone, among the Republican candidates, espouses. Therefore, he may, in fact, be the ONLY mainstream candidate!

  27. James Torrence Says:

    Should’nt someone be begging msnbc, cnn, etc. to report on biased debates? Do you people have any pull at all? Is there no single news organization in the public eye that is willing to at least treat this as news?

    And how are you going to solve this problem that Paul isn’t seen as a peer of his fellow candidates? By further polarizing him in the eyes of everyone at fox and the rest of the media? Waste more time hating Fox and you can thank yourselves personally for the future death of his campaign. You have to turn them somehow. They’re just another group or normally manipulatable Americans. If you think causing Fox to change their treatment of him is a hopeless endeavor then you’re simply not aware of how easily public sentiment can shift. And you’re also doing Ron Paul a disservice by being committed to the idea that they’re your unwavering enemy.

  28. metaljaybird Says:

    To Jason above mentioning Hannity falling further right…

    Wrong. He is falling further fascists. Big difference. If he were to fall “further right”, he’d be more aligned with Ron Paul.

    BTW, this was very interesting. To see how annoyed the neoconservative have become by Ron Paul shows how threatened they are.

  29. True Blue Says:

    The reason that Paul won the phone debate is simple. Democrats and Liberals voted for him. Not because they like him, but to try and ruin the poll and embarrass Fox News. It’s an old trick, and I’m surprised nobody else has mentioned this possibility.

  30. metaljaybird Says:

    The reason that Paul won the phone debate is simple. Democrats and Liberals voted for him. Not because they like him, but to try and ruin the poll and embarrass Fox News. It’s an old trick, and I’m surprised nobody else has mentioned this possibility.

    Probably only partially true. I think most Ron Paul supporters are actually inspired to support him 100 percent.

  31. Brad P. Severance Says:

    In regard to True Blue’s comments:

    The reason that Paul won the phone debate is simple. Democrats and Liberals voted for him. Not because they like him, but to try and ruin the poll and embarrass Fox News. It’s an old trick, and I’m surprised nobody else has mentioned this possibility.

    It may be possible; if you can find some evidence of this kind of campaign, I’d like to see. More likely though, is that Republicans actually agree with his stance on the Iraq war (I know this may be difficult for you to stomach).

    And why would it be an “embarrasment” to Fox News if Ron Paul won the phone debate? This comment seems to suggest that Fox News has an agenda, and if that agenda is not espoused by the most popular candidate, then Fox News would be ’embarrassed.’

    That doesn’t sound like news to me.

  32. David J. Says:

    # Eric Says:
    September 7th, 2007 at 4:50 pm

    Hannity & Colmes is not journalism, it’s opinion. Learn the difference.

    You, sir, seem to be the one that is mistaken in this case. When 2 people such as Mr. Hannity and Mr. Colmes are involved as these 2 were in the context of a Presidential debate, then it is journalism. If you want to see them with opinion then you can watch their show. The station they are affiliated with is FoxNEWS and not FoxOpinion. While their show may be opinion-based news and commentary a nationally televised presidential debate is news-based and they should present themselves as unbiased journalists for the viewing public rather than the dim-witted, stupid (meaning one who refuses to accept learning/education when offered) jerk that was Mr. Hannity during this time.

    It doesn’t matter which MSM outlet you prefer to watch, they are, for the most part, a bunch of dim-witted, stupid jerks who would rather manipulate this upcoming election with their (or their company’s) bias for ulterior motives than to stand true to what real journalism is about…namely presenting the facts and letting them speak for themselves. Thank goodness we have the internet where we at least have the opportunity to research candidates, their voting records, their speeches and other aspects too numerous to mention. Hopefully it will be enough to put the MSM in check during this election.

  33. tomasco Says:

    I love Sean. I love GW & Rush. What I really love most is the fact that they piss you flakes off to the max. If I had to put up with the Klintoons for eight horrible years you can damn well suffer with GW. I’m for Fred but any GOP will do as long as it keeps you idiots mad.

  34. Isis Says:

    tomasco Says:
    September 7th, 2007 at 8:13 pm

    I love Sean. I love GW & Rush. What I really love most is the fact that they piss you flakes off to the max. If I had to put up with the Klintoons for eight horrible years you can damn well suffer with GW. I’m for Fred but any GOP will do as long as it keeps you idiots mad.

    the best part is that we don’t get mad dear…your idiots are finally saying such stupidities that even consevatives are noticing what idiots they are…i am over here laughing at people like you…why get mad everything i have been saying for years is finally coming to fruition…i knew my american people would all finally wake up….see you on the losing side war dork! write me a postcard! ahahahhahaha

  35. Cody Says:

    At first Fox was part of a natural reaction to the excesses of liberalism in the press, politics and everyday thinking. Fox was a part of a natural reaction by a nation suddenly awakened to the dangers of an institutionalized, unrealistic left-wing dogma. Unfortunately, given America’s demographics this natural correction was usurped by conservative right-wing zealots. This was only natural since the movement’s appeal was based in the traditional American values of nationalism, individualism and a deep mistrust of government. Like the liberal movement that preceded it, a legitimate correction became a poster child for some powerful vested interests, which then grossly distorted it.

    Fox News is simply an entertainment program. Fox uses the term “News” strictly for marketing purposes. It’s more like Jerry Springer does Walter Cronkite. Fox marketing produces an ensemble of “News Specials” that advocates any agenda that marketing believes will earn Fox the highest number of viewers. It is all about maximizing revenue by attracting more viewers. It’s shmooze, not news.

    In other words, while I appreciate your letter I am concerned that you may be fighting the wrong battle.

  36. Richard in Austin Says:

    Interesting to see how the mainstream media and the other candidates treat the only candidate who consistently fulfills his oath to uphold and defend the Constitution (that’s Ron Paul, in case you were wondering.
    Interesting because it’s becoming obvious how many of them are just sock puppets for the oligarchy.
    We the People have only one true representative.

  37. Paul in Oklahoma Says:

    Welcome to 8 years ago, pal.

    Shame on you for only giving a damn about the terrible standard of Fox News journalism when it’s *your* guy they’re stitching up.

    Shame on you.

  38. john Says:

    Wii want to play!

  39. Catch 22 4 U Says:

    Here’s the catch 22 for you:

    Ever hear of the fairness doctrine? Used to be that stations had to give equal time to all candidates. Reagan did away with it. So now, no more equal time needed.

    While the fairness doctrine was never made to apply to cable networks, much like other issues (such as nudity and profanity on basic cable) the cable nets adopted the rules that applied to broadcast networks.

    So Fox News would not be the right wing propaganda outlet so many right wing nuts know and love if the Fairness doctrine were still around. The same policy that would effectively force Fox to give equal time to all candidates, would essentially kill Fox network. So really, honestly… if you want fair and balanced anything, Fox News can’t give it to you. If they did, they would cease to exist as you know them……..

  40. DudesAtThepapr Says:

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  41. Kevin Says:

    The debate showed me, for the first time, that my liberal friends have been right all along… that Fox News is just as biased (maybe more so) than most other mainstream network and cable media.

    I have been a huge Fox News fan since the first episode of The Oreilly Factor aired, and I looked to Fox News as my main source of “Fair and Balanced” news, in a world that didn’t seem to have many other outlets for it.

    After seeing how they attempted to make a mockery of Ron Paul, and other the voters that they solicited to text in, I can no longer rely on Fox News for unbiased information. They have become a joke to me, and I am sad to say that.

    I’m not sure where to turn next for news… CNN can fill the void temporarily, but maybe just using various internet sources will be the only option in the long run. Good luck to us all.

  42. Troy Says:

    Social news sites like the one mentioned above are the way to go. News reported on by the people that experienced the event.

  43. Dean Says:

    Full video here.

  44. Oscar Says:

    “The reason Fox has the highest viewership is due to puppets such as yourself who actually believe the tainted stories that come from this network. The problem with most people is that they choose not to educate themselves on the facts.”

    from adam1mc

    Thank you, adam1mc, you just proved my point. You believe that there is only one way to see things and only one thing to believe in, and that’s what you say people should believe or think. Anyone else is uneducated and being controlled. Don’t you think highly of yourself. You can’t call people stupid and then tell them that your way is the only way and then expect them to actually listen to you, can you? Don’t worry I already know your answer.

    But this really is a small example of a larger problem with some people who consider themselves liberal or progressive. Anyone who isn’t liberal or progressive is backwards, uneducated, and doesn’t know enough to not be controlled by…well, whoever it is you feel is controlling them at that particular time. I could have a degree in political science (which I do) and a law degree (which I do), and a Ph.D. in economics (which I don’t), take my right to vote as extremely important (which I do) and always do extensive research on “the facts” (which I do) as you put it, and you would still look down on me because I have different views than you do.

    It’s actually pretty sad, but i’ve know folks like you for a long time (i’m from NYC) and I know that despite all of your railing and protesting and bitching, most of you rarely even bother to go out and vote anyway (You’re like the hippies from South Park ). So I know that the country is safe for now.

    Thaaanks!!! 🙂

  45. Rick of PA Says:

    Fox is the same as the rest of the MSM. The way they treated Ron Paul was shamefull. I thought after Dan Rather was fired by CBS that the news media would start to report the truth and not be so Bias. It has gotton worse. I will now support Dr Paul and work to get his elected.

  46. Radiofreebc Says:

    Haha…voter manipulation. Just wait until the actual election…you’re going to see some real voter manipulation. I don’t even know why you’re bothering anymore. You live in a dictatorship that is hell-bent on Armageddon, and doesn’t give a damn about right and wrong. Why is this coverage surprising?

    You Americans should have been talking about this years ago…but now it’s too late. Go back to your TV sets, and vote for American Idol…the only thing you can really choose anymore.

  47. freeman Says:

    Vannity better hide his face when the revolution begins because so many people are going to remember him “as a traitor” to our country!!!..Do you really think the neo cons who are using him and others like him to sell us out are going to care about him in the end?…Does he think he’s protected by the elite that run this country and that they really care about him or his family?..I don’t think so!!!

  48. Scott Harmon Says:

    I think a lot of us were EDUCATED by Hannity and FOX that evening. With any luck, some “mainstream” (i.e., normal) people who lead mainstream lives, work in mainstream places, and vote with the mainstream were disgusted by the education of Pol Pot Hannity. That is, if they could stay up past 12 to see the debate-winner (by text-vote) get pounced upon, belittled, and disrespected. Wow, if Paul would have lost, would Pol Pot Hannity have put a black hood over Ron Paul and caned him? (Might improve ratings.)

    And as for the Giggler (a.k.a., Juveniliani), shouldn’t Hannity have stood him in the corner for such childish behavior?

    Oh, well, Hannity’s next assignment should be GITMO.

    But I’ve only voted in 7 Presidential elections, so I shouldn’t be speaking up like that fringe 1-2% of wackos out there who are willing to listen to Paul’s points. I should just get back to my mainstream job and do what I’m told by the mainstream, or else face a re-education camp. Actually, I’m too old for that–I’d be sent to the Killing Fields.

  49. ratherbebiking Says:


  50. DSC Says:

    Very well written. Absolutely true. Fox news is all propaganda and lies. The station completely sucks. Everyone please boycott it. Vote for Ron Paul 2008. RP wins every single debate by a landslide, and once elected he will work hard to restore our rights under the Constitution.

  51. ChicagoVoter Says:

    First off, if you are going to title something as an “Open Letter to…” you should adress it to them and sign it. Second, the ‘letter’ is actually adressed to the public. If you are speaking in the letter to FoxNews it doesn’t makes sense to say “I call on FoxNews to…” You are adressing them. Add to that the numerous other gramatical errors and I am surprised I made it through the whole ‘letter.’

    You say in your letter that stations should stop doing phone-in polls or text message polls if they are not going to adress the poll in a serious way. In this we are in total agreement. The reason this pole is rediculous is that it is a text messaging poll. I rarely meet people over the age of 35 that use text messages. This poll is obviously skewered to a lower age group. The lower age groups tend to be more liberal. They also tend to not vote in the actual election.

    The real problem you have is that you support Paul. He is running as a republican when his views are clearly not. He disagrees with a lot of the things that FoxNews stands for so they mock him and trivialize him. Unfortunatly he can’t run on any other ticket because he would get mocked more than he already is.

    And while he has a group of dedicated followers, (I give you guys credit for the work you have been doing, I am surprised Ron Paul’s opinions have been heard at all) he also has very little money, very little support within his party, and very little support amongst likely voters in the pole. He is not running to win, he is running to have his opinions heard. He knows that, but I think a lot of his supporters don’t realize it.

  52. Lee Swain Says:

    Same thing they do to anyone who challenges the status quo, all the stations also do this to Kucinich and Paul.


    “If your not angry, your not paying attention.” Hunter S. Thompson

  53. JEFF Says:

    Here is the perfect example of why I feel that fox, cnn, msnbc, and a plethora of other stations do people like you a disservice. You say that the text messaging sways the voting age so it sways it towards Ron Paul the most conservative person in our government. You believe that he is liberal because fox is against liberals and fox is against Dr. Paul. From your statement it is very clear you have no understanding of Dr. Paul’s platform. Dr. Paul has never voted to raise taxes. One thing that McCain with his solid record cannot even say. Dr. Paul has never voted on an unbalanced budget. Dr. Paul made the conservative choice and voted to not go into Iraq. Please educate yourself before making stupid comments like saying Ron Paul is a liberal. How many liberals have the highest possible rating from the NRA.

  54. Seriously Says:

    Who’s still a republican these days? Grow up.

  55. Oscar Says:

    Ron Paul may be a Republican or Libertarian (call him whatever), but he is obviously focusing on one specific topic in this election, and on that point (Iraq/foreign policy) he is more in line with the Liberals than with the conservatives. In addition, some of the things that he says sounds off to conservative voters. Seemingly placing the blame for 911 on the U.S. shoulders because we have troops in Saudi Arabia (Maybe he doesn’t mean to place blame, but it comes out sounding like he is) does not appeal to conservatives. And since the war in Iraq and the greater struggle against terrorism is paramount in this election, you can be sure that no matter what his other policy positions are, the majority of conservatives in the primary will not support him. Maybe he should have run as an independent or libertarian.

    Hannity was right to ask him about what departments he would get rid of, because I don’t think many people were aware that he wants to get rid of the IRS (and the income tax, and please, don’t try to explain to me why the income tax is unconstitutional, i’ve studied tax law), Homeland Security, and the Federal Reserve. I mean, seriously people, come on. Is there any reason that people were laughing at him.

    So he has liberal views on the war, and he has libertarian views on much of everything else…hmmm…I can’t see why conservatives and moderates who lean conservative aren’t gonna vote for him….nope…can’t think of a reason…

    You guys need to get a new hobby, because Ron Paul’s campaign is going to be short lived. Your liberal views on the war are not everyone else’s views, and thus Ron Paul does not appeal to most voters. There is no conspiracy against Ron Pual’s campaign because he never had a chance to begin with. I’m surprised they even let him into the debates (which is good).

  56. J Stopple Says:

    I didn’t see the debate, but have been a fan of Ron Paul for years. He is the answer to this countries problems. He can think for himself and has a mind that actually functions. What we don’t need is more of the same cookie cutter candidates that will continue to lead US down the drain. Vote Ron Paul!!!

  57. dramaqueenmama Says:

    I am not sure who I will be voting for in the next election, Dem. or Rep, but Ron Paul is looking better and better each time I listen to him. So far he is the only one saying what he actually feels. He is not doing what the Republican line says he is to say. He disagrees with the way W is running the country and will say so without fear.
    It is truly sad that Fox Snooze will not actually do the job they are suppose to be doing…reporting the news not making it up as they go along. News is suppose to be what is actually going on in the world not what is going on in their own heads. A reporter reports, a reporter is suppose to be unbiased. Lets face it….Fox screwed up.

  58. charlie kennedy Says:

    And this is surprising coming from Faux News why? This is what they do. Just turn the channel.

  59. Andrea Ellinor Says:

    If you are interested in unbiased real-world journalism without agenda : here are some possibilities to consider:

    Link TV

    Democracy Now

    Alive in Bagdad

  60. Garrett Says:

    They also skip Paul on the most required topics. In the debate about healthcare in the second debate, Stephanopolous skipped Paul (the only Dr. on stage). They just had all the idiots stand up there and drag on and on about the “free market” when the actually meant corporatism and continued to say that our current system was good.

    The media is bullshit right now. They don’t report Paul’s victories in the straw polls and just pass him off as a “web phenominon.” Well he isn’t one, there are real people voting for this guy, and they need to do more reporting on him if they want my viewership.

  61. Libertyslegacy Says:

    Extremely well done. Thank you for your efforts.

  62. onemorecup Says:

    Dear Mr. or Ms. Open Letter:

    First and foremost I applaud your passion and efficacy. The United States of America is so overwhelming endured about being “politically correct” that often times this notion goes so far overboard that most issues—race, religion, immigration, gender—have lost their respective meanings that most people are still trying to sort out just exactly what is being addressed.

    I would like to make an observation if I may: I don’t think that an entire news organization should be lumped into one or two reporters. Yeah, yeah, one could easily stipulate to the New York Times or the Wall Street Journal. However, is the matter of the NYT, their problem clearly extends beyond one or two people, for example, the editorial department over there is so biased that subscription rates both, paper and online are in major decline.

    Please don’t misunderstand me: Sean Hannity has now reached rude, obnoxious, and ugly status with many. Mr. Hannity has always been a “fat headed” little mama’s boy; however, the first time someone mentioned his name in the same sentence as Katie Couric, Dan Rather, and Rush Limbaugh…the head got so heavy that he tipped.

    I enjoy Fox News because a lot of their broadcasting is very non-traditional and done on the fly. I do find them fair. I also find their news balanced. However, my main bitch with Fox News is although they can be clearly wrong, they still will not shuffle up to the mic and admit it. Yet, I can live with that and I still feel they are the best.

    Yet, I don’t find it appropriate to slay Fox News because of a “fat-headed-beanie-wearing-shorts-in-his-private-school-uniform” and person of privilege, namely Sean Hannity. As for me, his comment to Dr. Paul—”okay, you be the host”—is about as immature as an infant. For that remark alone he should issue an apology.

    One last thing: Have you received any reply from Fox News? Keep us informed. Cheers!

  63. TiredOfIt Says:

    Oscar, you are no more than a tool. Do you even know what a conservative position is? Do you know that a conservative is for fiscal responsibility? (Unlike the current ruling party’s willingnes to mortgage our grandchildren’s future to finance their folly now) Do you know that a conservative is for less government and more state rights? (Ask Oregon about the people of that state voting for physician assisted suicide how much the feds let that happen, or California on the medicinal marijuana issue). Do you understand that a conservative stand on illegal immigration is to enforce the current law (not the – basically – blanket amnesty that the current admins want so that big business can keep paying the illegals under the table to save on their labor/tax costs)? Can you with a straight face honestly say that a true conservative would not be behind the enforcement of true constitutional law, and not the mockery of this great document that has become a cornerstone of the powers that be in the Republican Party? I mean, complain about Ron Paul, the way the debate went, Romney, Giuliani, Clinton, Obama, or whoever or whatever you want – but how about getting an idea on what conservative (libertarian and liberal, for that matter) ideology actual is prior to spouting off about it. You want to be a sheeple and follow the BS you are being fed by the pseudo-conservatives, well, pity, but own up to what you are all about.

  64. Patrick Britton Says:

    It’s obvious that Paul doesn’t belong on this side of the political fence. The man needs to back out and run independent or Democrat where he belongs. A phone poll is the worst way to show someone has more support, it’s obvious Democrats aren’t voting for anyone else. Paul is a great answer for Republicans who are closet Democrats but anyone who calls themselves a conservative knows that Paul is nothing but a joke.

  65. mshahin Says:

    I’ve known this about Fox for a while, but this was still a fantastic post to read. I’ll be very worried about this country if they don’t wake up to the fact that they are being manipulated to vote for certain individuals. Ron Paul has the potential to save this country from the destructive path it is on. But if he does not win (and he probably won’t; Americans will receive another president they never voted for) then the future looks bleak indeed!

  66. Merovingian Says:

    I am an Australian, but nonetheless interested in these 2008 Presidential election debates. I have been enjoying the debates being added to YouTube, but I also noticed the biased debate mentioned above. To be honest, being FOX, this doesn’t surprise me, but it is disappointing.

    33% of the votes in Paul’s favour is worthy of congratulations to Dr. Paul, even if the result may be somewhat non-representative of a true vote as Paul’s supporters tend to be more fervent, (and rightly so). Clearly a trend is emerging amongst the American people, and it is unethical of FOX to ignore, then chastise and bury it.

    Shame on you FOX, and good luck to the candidates!

  67. NeoCONS 'R' SCUM Says:

    “TRUE BLUE” (boy),.
    Your name links directly to foKKKs “news”. Are you fat-ass Roger Ailes, incognito, or maybe Brit Fume, or WhiteyJohn Gibson?

  68. Scott Ziering Says:

    The best way to combat this is to physically go out to voting booths and place your vote. Stop talking and act. Register to vote and vote in your states primary. I’m in California and its Feb 5th,2008. In California you have to be a registered republican to vote for a republican canidate. I have and I’ve gotten 4 others to do as well. Dr. Ron Paul can win this. His supporters have shown the passion and they need to follow it through. I believe they will. This is not a joke its our furture.

  69. mistermooster Says:

    It’s nice to see Republicans discovering that (gasp!) Fox News is a biased tool of the Republican power elite. Tell ya what: you guys go ahead and ignore them and nominate Paul, and this lifelong Democrat just might have to switch parties. Only Paul and Kucinich have the courage to speak out against this travesty, and Paul has a better chance. Help me out here!

  70. Joel Cannon Says:

    Thank you SO MUCH for assembling this information.
    Internet killed the TV star!

  71. Danny Says:

    Nicely done!
    I’ve read it !
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  73. Ronald E. Klepper Says:

    It NEVER ceases to amaze me abouit the gullibil;ty and utter stupidity of our, otherwise responsible citizenry to continuously ”NOMINATE” and actually VOTE for the ”DREGS” of the democrat barrel when it comes to a Presidental election.. The inflicted and infected denizens of the pan-demiocratic system in these United States nominated and/or elected such catastrophes as Carter, Dukasis, Kerry,,Gore, even Clinton twice and I won’t even ask where a bankrupted hat salesman came from in the name of Harry ‘ass’ TRUMAN. Not since the dark and dismal days of our Depression have weEVER EXPERIENCED a major shift to the LEFT and to the Pro and admiration of Franklin Delano Roosevelt of the Soviet and Communist plans that he saw laid before him, EVEN BEFORE we became involved in WWII. talk about ”strange bedfellows”, there hasn’t been one single case of our inept and cow-towing State Department giving away any and ALL gains made on the battlefield. i.e. Korea, Viet Nam, Gulf War, the present wear with TERRORISTS in Afghanistan and Iraq. In my opinion the members of our State Department that have set out absurd and outrageous ”rules of engagement” should bne charged and tried, for thw VERY LEAST, ”INCOMPETENCE” OR WORSE.

  74. Ronald E. Klepper Says:

    I have decided to respond to those detractors that have championed Ron Paul as a ”Conversative Republican” and his continuuing campaign as the only alternatve to John McCain. As a dyed in the wool Conservative Republican for over forty years and having voted that way since I was first qualifed at the age of ”21” I DO NOT consider Mr. Paul as a ”Conservative” or a ”Republican”. His proclaimed platform is the same as ANY LIBERAL DEMOCRAT, and I trust him less than anyone else.

    I was not and am not an avid McCAIN supporter and in fact awmongst the Republican field, h e ranked no better than fifth in my choices and casme in just, narrowly, above Ron Paul. That said, I will vote for the lesser of three evils and eventually vote for Mr. McCain. He is, after all, more qualified to lead this nation than EITHER of his adversariers.

    If Sen. McCain doesn’t take my advic of earlier this month and sweep up the political advice of BOTH, Dick Morris and Newt Gingrich for his campaign ADVISORS and do eveerything in this wlrl to convince Condi Rice to ber his VP. Whether for one term or two, this woman would be imminently more qualified as Vice-President or even Preident than ANYONE the Dems could put up.

    Condi Rice has conferred, responded, and challenged many of the world’s leaders and has yet to fold under pressure. This woman, in my opinion,. is already Presidential and I SINCERELY HOPE THAT MS. RICE and MSSR McCain can reach an accord.

  75. SjP Says:

    Fox does it again! See and hear for yourself at:

    Much Obliged, SjP

  76. Ronald E. Klepper Says:

    The most recent simpering from these far left idiociles are leaving me ALMOST speechless, but not totally. So, here goes. Ron Paul is the very least example of true Conservatism and really should be running as a Liberal Democrat. Evey political party has their own crosses to bear, like the Democrats with Kucinich and Billbo Clinto, the Greens and the Independants have their Ralph Naders and Bob Barrs. I was amazed twice in recent when the American people voted a philandering, chronic liar and
    hypocrite into the Whitehouse, NOT ONCE, BUT TWICE. Therefore I have no faith in the American public to cast their votes wisely. Especially now, in a time of war. If morals, ethics, reason, rational thought and self promotion continue as they have over the last thirty or forty years, the rest of us may as well surrender, leave or do ourselves in, because there will be NOTHING left of America or the dreams of our forefathers. As for me, I would not want to live in a Socialist Paradise fashioned after the Clinton OR Obama model. It’s UP TO YOU, but that’s what these clowns have planned for you in the VERY NEAR FUTURE, and you won’t even see it coming.

  77. S. Nelson Says:


    1. Open a new file in your computer.
    2. Name it ‘Barack Obama’.
    3. Send it to the Recycle Bin.
    4. Empty the Recycle Bin.
    5. Your PC will ask you: ‘Do you really want to get rid of ‘Barack Obama?’
    6. Firmly Click ‘Yes.’
    7. Feel better?

    GOOD! – Tomorrow we’ll do Nancy Pelosi!

  78. T-Girl Says:

    As a Black woman, until yesterday I had considered myself a “conservative repub.” I must admit, I was overjoyed that the party was finally opening doors to people from all corners of America…still I feared the appointment of Steele being given the position as RNC Chairman was no positon at all seriously considered. Despite Steeles comment on D.L. Hughley, for Limbaugh to thrash him ruthlessly as some “boy” of the south was embarrasing and degrading to myself and many blacks of our city black repub union. Interesting how Limbaugh set us all straight…from our delusion of worth in the republican party. “Stay in the kitchen where you belong in this party, did you honestly think you matter? Get over you delusion…you don’t matter.” Limbaugh wasn’t only referring to Steele, he was speaking to hundreds…thousands of black repubs. No, that is not what he actually said, but assure you that is exactly what many of us now feel. We were all embarrased and had to admit what we always knew…it was a token position, with no real position to lead at all. We all know now despite the sentiments to the contrary, Blacks are not at all welcome in the republican party…never have been. Smoke screen down now we know. I have since left the party, and must I say if of any interest, so has many blacks and other minorites of our union…and it is spreading at an alarming rate. Steele should get a clue…just as we did…we finally got the point…Thanks Limbaugh! Sorry we wasted our time and vote. Also we stood firm and strong for Bush in office and although we disagreed with alot of his agenda, we wanted him to succeed…it appears the very party line we stood as a minority for in our community lays a final blow and wish Obama ill and success. What were we thinking? As for socialism, it fostered the civil rights movement, help for the poor etc. and we have been in and out of socialism since 1930…it is nothing new, vile or dangerous. X-repub in the crowd of many sounding off.

  79. winship12345 Says:

    I just don’t think that America gets it. All media are involved in politics right now. There is very little unbiased reporting (though it does exist). That being said, other networks are supporting liberal interests with facts and some sort of basis. Fox News is just trying to undo government so that Rupert Murdoch can run father amok and not pay taxes.

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